The Difference Between Online Poker Bonuses And Poker Rake Back

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In online poker, a player has a option between poker rake back or poker bonuses. The problem is you can only pick one of these options. All poker players have their own own preference on which is best for them. In the following paragraphs we’ll examine the features of each and what’s best for you.

Types of bonuses in poker are:

First Time Deposit Bonuses: Are bonuses provided when players make their first deposit. Ordinarily rooms match the deposit given, if you deposit $100 they will add $100 in your bonus account which is released when you attain the correct amount of accrued points or raked hands.

Promotions: These are promotions that online poker sites offer at various times during the year which don’t require a deposit. An example of this is monthly promotions running on the network. They create a new promotion almost every month for any event or holiday which takes place in that given month. As an example, in December a site runs a Christmas bonus in which prizes and money is given to players when they reach certain amounts of comp points.

What is poker rakeback?

To get rake back, a player needs to sign up at a rake back provider or by contacting the poker site. The site will not be able to provide you with rake back if you are already tracked to an affiliate who does not allow this option. Rake back is a bonus given to players in which they receive a percentage of the rake they have generated. The money is paid into their account daily, weekly or monthly depending on the room. If you are receiving rakeback you will not be able to participate in promotions or be eligible for deposit bonuses. The percentage of rake back you receive varies on the room once more. Some offer around 25% while others are giving players the entire rake they have generated back to them.

For recreational players, it is best to opt for the bonuses. This is because a recreational player will not generate enough rake to make the payments worthwhile. These players enjoy the fun factor more than the competition. They like to participate in the monthly promotions and bonuses offered on the website which is not available if you take the rakeback route.

Rakeback is suggested however to players who play for a living or who play high stakes games. It is clear you are playing to earn a serious income and chasing bonuses is not going to interest you as much as picking up an extra sum each week. Also the amount of rake back you will generate will be worthy of picking up and can even turn a losing month in to a winning month.

There’s websites that have done the research for you and offer a list of rakeback sites. Some have negotiated special rake back deals for players. Shop around on these sites and see which sites offer the best rakeback. Also for US poker players look for a site that offers a list of us poker sites that offer rake back.

Overall, if you don’t play poker as a living or play limits above $2/4, it is important to steer clear of rake back and take the bonus route. If you do play limits over the ones stated earlier, take rakeback and pick up a guaranteed amount of cash on a weekly or monthly basis.

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